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Take a look through these virtual row homes to learn more about the products that will be installed on the winning 1200 Block of Wolf Street!

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Greenworks Philadelphia has set a goal of achieving energy efficiency retrofits in 15% of the city's existing housing stock. Philadelphia's historic row homes account for nearly 75% of all housing stock in the city, and many are in need of these services. New homes need them too! On December 17th, 2009, the City introduced legislation requiring that all new no- and low-slope roofs either have a reflective roof or a green roof. Be sure your business is part of the solution!

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For more information, please contact Kate Ryan at the Energy Coordinating Agency KathrynR@ecasavesenergy.org or (215) 609-1052.

Eight Steps to a High-Performance Elastomeric Roof Coating

Here are 8 ways to help an elastomeric roof coating provide effective energy efficiency, asset protection, and durability:

1. Make sure the coating is 100 percent acrylic.
2. Coatings must pass technical norms such as the ASTM D-6083 specification (the American Society for Testing and Materials' Standard Specification for Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating Used in Roofing).
3. Its energy-saving properties should be certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council or meet the Energy Star program requirements.
4. The coating should be applied in at least two passes, for a minimum total thickness of 20 thousandths of an inch.
5. Rollers, brushes or spray applicators should be used to apply the coatings.
6. Proper repairs to any roof leaks need to be completed before the application of the coating.
7. Proper surface cleaning and preparation for the type of roof must be conducted beforehand (e.g., spray-washing, removal of debris, priming, etc.)
8. Coated roofs need to be inspected and cleaned regularly as part of a preventive maintenance program.